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Consultores VF

Twenty years of experience

Vera and Fernández was founded in 1999 by the original partners, Javier Vera Casaño and David Fernández Olmedo.

Where are we?

We are based in Malaga in order to fully meet our clients’ needs and expectations. We offer our services throughout Andalusia, and in Ceuta, Melilla and the Madrid area.

Experts in business

We are a quality, multidisciplinary consultancy that undertakes its professional work based on considerable training and experience. We provide management, advisory and legal/business consultancy services of all types, adapting and evolving to the needs of our clients.

Excellence of service

What makes us different from the rest is exactly what today’s client requires – a personal and integrated service with optimal economic performance of the business.

Business impulse

Our solutions are tailored to the individual client so that he or she can attend to business and not lose time dealing with administrative matters. It is an integrated service so that all the client’s needs are handled directly by our professionals, without intermediaries and without delay.


Professional commitment
Experience and reputation
Personal approach

We are at your service

We will be pleased to help you. Contact us at +34 952 33 66 95

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