The team

Javier Vera Casaño

Degree in Law from the University of Granada, Masters in Management of Timeshare Businesses. Masters in Employment Advice and Business Tax. Lawyer with 25 years’ experience of legal practice. Javier Vera has given courses and seminars throughout his professional career.

David Fernández

Economist / Lawyer / Expert in Auditing / Court Property Appraiser / Civil and Commercial Mediator. Degree in Law, Degree in Economic. Specialisms: Masters in Tax Advice, Auditing, Commercial and Insolvency Law, Court Property Expert, pedagogical aptitude. Five years’ professional experience in large businesses and 17 years as a tax advisor. Treasurer of the Malaga Association of Economists, member of the Andalusian Council of Economists, member of the Council of Employment Advice Economists and member of the Council of Expert Accountant Economists.


Eloisa Margarita Pérez Reina

Degree in Law specialising in Employment Law. Fifteen years’ professional experience in employment advice. Relevant studies: data protection implementation and auditing, subsidies, trademarks and patents, legal English, international commerce, insurance broker.


Antonio David Linares Pardo
Accounting Expert

Masters in Tax Advice and Accounting. Twenty years’ professional experience of accounts and tax advice. Specialises in accounting and auditing, feasibility studies, market studies, value added tax, property transfer tax and income tax.

Carmen Corpas Soto
Executive Secretary

Expert in administration and management information systems. Twenty years’ professional experience as executive secretary of a legal, employment and tax consultancy, and administrator. Relevant studies: executive secretary, business English, tax law.

Esther Fernández Fernández
Administration Expert

Specialism: tax accounting. Fifteen years’ experience of giving integrated advice to businesses, auditing, accounting and settlement of taxes. Business auditing course.

Noelia Fernández Fernández
Finance and Administration expert

Specialism: tax accounting. Eight years’ experience of tax and accounting matters, and of inheritance and donations taxes. Studies in revenues, inheritances and donations, and tax law.

Pedro Martos Fernández
Employment advisor

Specialism: employment advice. 15 years’ experience as an employment advisor. Employment auditor. Superior Technician in occupational risk prevention.