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Data Protection

Data Protection

We advise and assist you in a delicate process which has sanctions that you must avoid.

Consultores Vera & Fernández advise and assist you in this process, preparing documents and taking all necessary steps so as to meet the legal requirements. For that purpose, we offer the guarantee of lawyers and IT consultants who have considerable experience of implementation in complex businesses. Our services include:

  • Legal advice relating to the collection and processing of personal data, and managing the rights of owners.
  • Drafting of contracts, forms and clauses needed for data collection, processing by third parties and transfers or notifications of data.
  • Notification and registration of data protection files with the Data Protection Agency.
  • Preparation, development and implementation of a security document consistent with the characteristics and needs of your business.
  • Drafting an audit report in high security cases.
  • Maintenance and putting into operation of registered files and all those legal questions that may arise pursuant to the data protection legislation.

Has your business already adapted to the Data Protection Law?

The functioning of any business entails the provision and handling of personal data, ranging from data relating to workers for the preparation of pay slips to data about your clients for invoicing. Data Protection Law 15/1999 (13 December) imposes a series of legal obligations for those legal or natural persons who have files containing personal data.

Who is affected?

All businesses and professionals who in the course of their activities handle personal data. Thus  it affects IT systems, back-up files, operational procedures, etc. Almost 100% of businesses and professionals handle personal data, meaning we are all affected. The obligation to conform is unavoidable.

What is personal data?

Any information concerning identified or identifiable natural persons, for example, a list of clients, workers or suppliers, and any other data stored in or on any information medium.

What are the sanctions?

Compliance with the legal obligations in respect of data protection is essential in order to avoid the heavy penalties that may follow from an inspection or complaint.

The DPL classifies the possible sanctions as minor, serious and very serious, establishing sanctions that range from €601.01 (100,000 pesetas) to €601,012 (100 million pesetas).

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